Merger & Acquisition Strategy can be a game changing tool for value creation within your company and the lives of stakeholders.

Great M&A Leads

Great M&A leads to business transformation and long-term value, enabling companies to move towards new technology for better industry exposure and asset portfolios. 

Achieve Potential

M&A can also be the catalyst for growth to underfunded or neglected assets that need capital and networking connections to achieve their full value potential.

We're Focused

CCG is focused on helping clients achieve value creating potential.

Why You Want to Work With CCG

20 years of real industry experience in successfully achieving value creation through M&A and operational strategy deployment. We will add perspective and value, serving your specific needs. Know with confidence that CCG relentlessly supports you.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Execution
  • Integration
  • Progress Tracking

Knowing here you are versus where you should be tomorrow comes from important perceptions that need to be developed independently without bias. Once these visions are created and acknowledged by stakeholders the road to follow becomes clearer but is rarely easy. CCG will help you clarify the vision and build the plan to reach where you should be.

The deal process is typically fast paced and competitive. To be successful you need to understand the risks involved and focus on evaluating the fit between the seller and your company. Sizing up the competition is also important. Moving through the process efficiently with the right focus can give you a competitive edge. CCG has experience to help you win the process and close.

The reality of ownership typically reveals challenges not always detected when looking from outside of the box. This happens and how you handle it matters more than ever. The game has started and there are no time outs or do overs. CCG can help transition property, process, and culture to achieve value creation.

Progress does not happen over-night and it can take years to see results. Staying the course is important but knowing if the plan is really working is more important. Are the results you have worked so hard for getting captured? CCG will help build visible touch points that allow you to monitor the progress of important value contributors.

We look for problems before they happen, so you are prepared to achieve the vision of success.

After Close the Real Work Starts

CCG can help your business in many different ways, with total process management or within areas of specific focus.


  • Strategy development and target identification
  • Manage the entire deal process or help analyze specific aspects as needed
  • Support post close integration efforts with Value Added strategy deployment
  • Set up internal controls to monitor progress


  • Product and Business Unit Rationalization to determine where your company should focus resources
  • Size up potential buyers and expected market value for your assets
  • Develop marketing materials, prepare management team, and execute the selling process  
  • Close the deal with goal of maximizing value and minimizing tail exposure

Value Focus Projects

  • Sales strategy optimization – review market channels and value sources for the products and services provided
  • Operational process savings – reduce overhead and transformation costs
  • KPI and reporting tools for value capture management
  • Financial controls review and recommendations

Business Partners Making a Difference

Ken Kates

Ken Kates has 20 years of experience in corporate M&A, business development, operational and financial roles working with Fortune 500, Private Equity, and Family owned businesses focused on aerospace, industrial, medical manufacturing and distribution. He has worked on 39 successful transaction with values ranging from $30M to $4.2B. CCG partners are a trusted network of industry professionals available to serve our clients specific needs.

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